Part Of Me

Part Of Me

Friday, March 16, 2012

New life

Hello Guys

haha, permulaan kate..setelah hampir berapa bulan tidak mengupdate blog
sebenarnye jarang bukak blog sendiri..bukak blog orang ramai la

oke berbalik kepada title "new life"

sekarang aku da mula hidup zaman perkerjaan and its not a good feeling
first of all from the beginning i didn't feel like to start the working life..and I know it will not be fun.( i got the feeling~~) and the reality is exactly what that i thought it will be..When I was still student even in weekdays I still have a time for myself like in evening going bicycle or going out for Pizza or movie in my lappy, so much fun..

But now :(
only relieved on weekend.. I've been working about 1 month something maybe after a couple month I will fee the fun of working??? I hope so... that all for today post, malas nak taip dah even a lot idea now..

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